3 Questions & the Sermon from Sunday

Reflection Questions for Sermon Sunday, 10/16/2018 by Rev. Dr. Jeff Patterson on Job 2:11-13, “No Reason to Rejoice, II”

  1. Pastor Jeff said that Job suffered well by “continuing the relationship [with God] even if that means shouting at God.” Have you ever been tempted to shout at God? How does the idea of it feel to you (i.e., sacrilegious, cathartic, intimate, frightening…)?
  2. Pastor Jeff said Job’s friends have two main goals in their minds:
    -Defending God
    -Straightening Job out
    Consider this. Does God need our defense? Why or why not? Is a time of suffering the best time to “straighten someone out”? What ought our goals be when we approach a friend in pain?
  3. Pastor Jeff quoted Latino author Jorge Luis Borges: “Do not speak unless it improves upon the silence.” Reflect together on a time when silence was profound to you. How does God use silence to speak to us?

    In lieu of a closing prayer, consider sitting together in silence for 90 seconds.