3 Questions & the Sermon from Sunday

Reflection Questions on Sermon, 2/10/2019, on Matthew 17:14-20, by Rev. Erin J. Beall (Contemporary) and Rev. Dr. Jeff Patterson (Traditional)

  1. This week marked the end of our sermon series on dreams. We talked about how we need dreams (both literal and metaphorical) to survive, and what God’s dreams might be for ourselves, our families, our future, and our church. Have you had any revelations or changes in the way you view dreams? Share with the group.
  2. Pastor Erin preached that Wesley Memorial UMC could be “The ____ Church,” if we only choose to fill in that blank. The family church, the cathedral church, the church that ends homelessness in High Point, the church that supports teachers and schools— the list is endless. If you could have your druthers, what kind of church would this become? What are you willing to do to establish and implement this dream?
  3. In this passage, Jesus says even a teeny tiny bit of true faith unlocks a mountain-moving amount of potential in you. Where do you see potential in your life, potential for faith to move the mountains standing in your way? As a group, pray for one another, asking God for true faith that will let us surrender to the dreams of God that enable mountains to move!