3 Questions & the Sermon from Sunday

Reflection Questions for 1/21/2018 Sermon on I Kings 19:1-13, “Elijah’s Pity Party”

  1. Elijah throws himself a “pity party” because he believes that he alone is the very last true believer in Israel, but the Scripture is clear that there are at least 7,000 other believers! When have you felt alone when rationally you know you’re not?
  2. The Bible tells us that we are never alone– that both God and the community of faith are always with us. What are some examples of this Biblical truth? (Here’s a couple to get you started: Hebrews 12:1 and Psalm 23:4).
  3. Some evidence shows that loneliness is a predictor for mental and physical health problems. What can the church do to respond to the epidemic of loneliness in our congregation, our community, and our world?

Sermon audio file forthcoming.