3 Questions & the Sermon from Sunday

Reflection Questions for 3/11/2018 Sermon on I Corinthians 1:26 – 2:5

  1. Pastor Jeff said that the “organizing principle” or the “master story” of St. Paul’s life was the story of Jesus’s crucifixion. If we organized our lives in that way, how would they be different? What other “master stories” or “organizing principles” do we or others in our world base their lives on (e.g., the American Dream or being the perfect housewife)?
  2. In our Contemporary Worship space, our altar Sunday morning consisted of the disassembled beams of the cross laid across sawhorses– as though the cross is currently under construction, being prepared for Holy Week, when Christ will once again hang upon it. How is this symbolic of the Lenten journey? Is God constructing a cross for you to carry (see Matthew 16:24-26)?
  3. Pastor Jeff described four main characteristics of The Cruciform (cross-shaped, or Christ-like) Life. How are these attainable in our lives today?
  • The Cruciform Life is Marked By:
    • Selflessness
    • Seeking the Shalom (welfare, highest good) of others
    • Extravagant Hospitality
    • A Commitment to Non-Retaliation