Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to start a Journey Group but I don’t want to teach. What do I do?

A: Congratulations, you’re right on track! The focus of Journey Groups is not on education, but on transformation. Groups do not have leaders or teachers, only participants who share the responsibility of being the Leader-of-the-Week. For more information, see [No Leader. No Problem!].

Q: Who should be in my Journey Group?

A: Anyone! Whether they’re Wesley Memorial UMC members or not, all are welcome who are interested in CONNECTing with Christians, REFLECTing on the Scripture and Sermon preached the previous Sunday, and EFFECTing a change in their life and maybe even the world! See more at [Join a Journey Group]

Q: What if I missed last week’s sermon?

A: No problem! Every week, we record and upload the 11 o’clock sermon. You can always find a link to it here. It’s up to the group to determine whether they expect every member to have attended or listened to the sermon beforehand, or if you want to devote the time to listen to it together in your group. We recommend listening beforehand, so you have plenty of time to reflect together!

Q: I’m already in another small group (like a Sunday School class or a Unity Group). Am I allowed to also be in a Journey Group?

A: Yes! Many of the other small group WMUMC offers are focus primarily on education, which is critical to our spiritual growth! But Journey Groups are focused on transformation. So, getting involved in both an education-focused group AND a transformation-focused group is actually ideal!

Q: I go to a service other than 11 o’clock. How can I reflect with my group?

A: Not a problem! Because the 11 o’clock sermon is the only one currently recorded, it’s the only one available on the website. However, our preachers make a conscious effort to coordinate messages and Scriptures. So, no matter which service you have attended, you will have heard the same Scripture and likely a similar message. Think about it this way: You can potentially offer a different perspective than those who attended a different or listened to the recorded 11:00 sermon! We also frequently include quotes and insights from other sermons in the 3 weekly reflection questions, so keep your eyes peeled.

Q: I’m Leader-of-the-Week. Should I be providing snacks or something?

A: It’s totally up to you! The only things required to lead for the week, as noted here [Link to No Leader, No Problem!], are a hospitable spirit, an internet connection, and a clock! For some, hospitality looks like simply booking a corner table at DeBeen and sending a reminder text. For others, it may be a meticulously crafted dessert and handmade invitations. We are all different, and so are our Journey Groups. Go with whatever is most comfortable and feasible for you.

Q: My group wants to multitask. Is this allowed?

A: Absolutely! Groups are welcome to meet anywhere, anytime, while doing anything. Maybe yours is a walking Journey Group, and talk as you walk. Maybe yours is a dog lovers’ Group that chats at the dog park while the pups play. Maybe yours is a breakfast club at a diner or a tasting club at a Beer Garden… As long as you’re CONNECTing with each other, REFLECTING on your weeks and on the week’s sermon, and EFFECTing a change in your lives, you’re good.

Q: My group has gotten too big. What should we do?

A: What a great problem to have! Journey Groups are optimally under 8 members. If you’ve grown beyond that, it may be time to consider whether God is asking someone(s) in your group to become Journey Group “missionaries,” so to speak, who go out and begin a new group. We believe this truly is a calling, and so will never force anyone into this role. However, if after a few weeks or months of prayerful discerning no one has felt a calling, please reach out to Rev. Erin Beall and we’ll help your group consider next steps.