First Meeting


Utilize one or more or the following icebreakers to get to know one another. Don’t worry about getting to the sermon reflection this week—we want you to build a foundation of relationships before you get to deeper reflection.

  • One Minute Life Story: With someone keeping strict time on a smartphone, each person tells their life story in 60 seconds. After everyone has shared, everyone asks 1 follow-up question of the person to their right.
  • 2 Truths and 1 Lie: Everyone tells 3 facts about themselves… 2 are true and 1 is a lie. The group must guess/vote on which is the lie. Prizes may be given for correct guesses.
  • Penny for Your Thought: Collect some pennies or other coins, trying to select ones with more recent minting dates. Every person gets a coin and, after introducing themselves, shares something that happened to them (or their family) in the year the coin was minted.


Have a conversation about confidentiality. Agree on some baselines together: For example, what is said in a Journey Group meeting stays in the Journey Group meeting. Does your group agree that members may share information with spouses, or not? Maybe you’ll commit to asking one another each time for permission to share something with a pastor, as a prayer request, etc. The point is that some kind of confidentiality agreement should be reached, so that in future meetings members will feel comfortable sharing as much as they desire, without fear of gossip.


CLICK HERE to register your Journey Group. Include a name, if you’d like! By no means must your Journey Group have a name, but perhaps something has bubbled up in your conversations that you think you’d like to serve as a name for your group. We’ll be reaching out periodically (no spam, we promise!) to check in, offer suggestions, and support your group.