The Basics

A Journey Group is a gathering of 3-8 people that regularly spends time off the church campus sharing life together. They connect through sharing the struggles and triumphs of their week, reflect on the most recent Scripture and sermon proclaimed at WMUMC, and effect meaningful change for the transformation of their lives and their world.

Journey Groups Start-Up Steps:
STEP 1: INVITE 2 or more friends to join
STEP 2: SET time and place for the first meeting
(preferably someone’s home)
STEP 3: MEET together for 90 minutes
STEP 4: PRAY in closing (prayer suggestions)
STEP 5: CONNECT with us—register your group

Each Journey Group is encouraged to meet for 90 minutes, as often as you like. Maybe your group will meet every other week, every week, or once a month. Great!

The structure of Journey Group meetings consists of two halves:  the first focuses on sharing our lives with one another, and the second focuses on sharing our understanding of faith.

First 45 minutes: CONNECTing and REFLECTing on Your Week—Ask one another a question like, “How is it with your soul?” (More suggestions available on the website). Each member should be able to share. Leader of the Week keeps time.

Second 45 minutes: REFLECTing on the Week’s Sermon and EFFECTing a Change—Access the 3 questions on the website and discuss. Try to focus on applying the Scripture/message to your lives. Leader of the Week keeps time.